Mastering testRigor


testRigor - #1 Generative AI-based Test Automation Tool


Beginner to Advanced


Learn test automation with testRigor, a no-code Generative AI test automation framework. Start with basic concepts and master efficient prompt engineering.
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What you’ll learn

  • How to write effective prompts to locate web elements on the page using the relative location mechanism of testRigor
  • How to effectively manage reusable rules and shared suites
  • How to interact with different types of UI elements such as input fields, lists, tables, date pickers, and more
  • How to use Generative AI to generate automated test cases
  • How to use variables and perform data-driven testing
  • How to handle APIs in testRigor
  • How to organize scenario prompts into reusable rules
  • How to use JavaScript in testRigor and more

What you'll use

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Course Learning Activities

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Video lessons

Each topic in the course begins with a video lesson where the instructor explains concepts and demonstrates implementations. Follow along with the instructor to replicate the examples on your computer. You can adjust the playback speed and activate captions. If needed, you can pause or re-watch sections of the lecture at any time.

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Evaluate your understanding after each lesson with a quiz. Select the correct answers from the provided questions to confirm that you have fully grasped the content of the video lecture and have no gaps in your understanding.

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Practice Asignment

The best way to solidify your knowledge is by writing your own prompt. In the second half of the course, you will receive test cases for a practice application called Pet Сlinic. You will automate the provided scenarios and submit for the review. The instructor will review your test cases. provide comprehensive feedback on your implementation and suggest ways to improve.

What you’ll get

Earn a Certificate of Completion from Bondar Academy upon completing the course.

Certification Requirements:

  • Watch all lectures
  • Correctly answer all self-assessment questions
  • Complete all practice assignments

Course Content

Meet Your Instructor

Artem Bondar:

  • Test Automation Expert with over 8 years in Quality Engineering, experienced in domains such as airlines, finance, and healthcare.
  • Successfully implemented multiple automation projects using various tech stacks and frameworks, including Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, and more. 
  • Author of several best-selling courses on Udemy with over 50,000 students enrolled. 
  • Coach and mentor in software quality engineering.
  • Speaker at podcasts and conferences.