SDET with Playwright

Master test automation with the Microsoft Playwright framework in this comprehensive course at Bondar Academy. Designed for beginners and experienced learners, the course covers essential TypeScript, HTML/CSS, and Git and GitHub basics. Progress smoothly from basic concepts to advanced test automation techniques. Our focus is on practical skills, preparing you for real-world SDET roles. With the Playwright framework's growing demand, this course is your step towards a successful career in tech. Personalized mentorship – it's a guarantee of exceptional results by the end of the course.
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4 Ways to Learn Microsoft Playwright Framework

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Course structure

This course is divided into 11 focused sections, each exploring a crucial aspect of test automation with Playwright. Section 3 can be skipped if you're already good with JavaScript. Our blend of Video Lectures, Self-Assessments, Homework, and GitHub Reviews ensures a well-rounded learning experience.

The first half of the course strengthens your understanding of Playwright's core concepts through lectures and quizzes. In the second half, you'll tackle real test cases and submit your code for personalized feedback from you mentor. This hands-on approach, backed by expert guidance, ensures a highly effective learning experience, helping you quickly gain practical skills.

Watch the lecture

Watch the video. Write the code along with the instructor

Assess your knowledge

Complete self-assessment answering test questions

Complete the homework

Write your code from scratch. Automate provided test cases.

Submit a Pull Request

Submit a pull request on GitHub for the code review. Get the feedback.


By the end of the course, you'll be skilled in automating tests using Playwright and ready for SDET interviews. We cover everything you need to know for these roles, ensuring you'll be prepared for the technical interview.

What makes us different is the mentorship. You'll have access to our Slack workspace for support and can even hop on live calls for in-depth discussions. This direct access to expert guidance ensures you'll get the desired results to advance your QA career to new level.

Course Curriculum

Meet the instructor

Artem Bondar

Test Automation Expert

Experienced automation engineer across multiple domains.
Instructor at Udemy since 2019, creating several Best Seller classes.