Mentor Plus Plan

Designed for students seeking a more individualized learning experience, live engagement with the mentor for enhanced personalized guidance.
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What is included?

Full Access

Full Access to all classes and learning activities, such as pre-recorded lectures, self-assessments, and homework assignments. Collaborate with your instructor on GitHub during the code reviews.

Monthly Live Sessions

You can schedule up to two one-on-one sessions with the instructor per month. Every session is up to 30 minutes. You can bring to this session any topics related to the class. A live session is conducted over Zoom.

Personalized attention

Personalized attention from the instructor to ensure successful learning outcomes. Learn the industry's best practices from the experts.

Private Slack Channels

Access to the course's private Slack channels. Ask your questions related to the course, chat with your peers in the community, share your experience, and help others

Frequently asked questions

How subscription plan work?

You subscribe and make a payment with a credit or debit card. After enrollment, you immediately get access to all course content for this subscription plan. Your subscription renews automatically every month. You will be billed your subscription fee plus applicable transaction taxes on the same day each year.

How to schedule the mentor sessions?

Open the "Mentor Sessions" course. There are two learning activities, each representing the booking slot. Select the available slot in the calendar and book the appointment. Add this appointment to your calendar, to make sure you will not miss date and time.

What kind of questions can I bring to mentorship sessions?

Any questions or activities related to the class and class projects are accepted. Live code reviews on GitHub, pair programming, etc. These sessions can not be used for personal/corporate projects or corporate consulting.

What happens with my access when I cancel the subscription?

When you cancel the subscription, you will lose access to the premium section of the course, private slack channels, and test applications for the homework at the end of the billing cycle.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Select the My Account menu item, and navigate to your account information page. Click on the "Cancel Subscription" button.

Not ready yet?

Begin with a "Full Access" plan or make a first step with a "Preview"!


Access to the class previews, free classes, and community at Slack Workspace
  • JavaScript Fundamentals class
  • More than 20 lectures previews
  • Self-assessments previews
  • Public channels in Slack

Full Access

Access to all classes and learning activities. Mentor support. Homework assignments.
  • Full access to course content
  • Mentor support and feedback
  • Private channels in Slack
  • Access to practice application
Meet the instructor

Artem Bondar

Experienced automation engineer across multiple domains.
Instructor at Udemy since 2019, creating several Best Seller classes.